TiE Brussels is about fostering entrepreneurship in Belgium and Europe. We are a regional chapter of TIE, the world's largest entrepreneur's network with nearly 1500 events held per year. Since 1992 our mentoring program has added over US$200 billion of net-economic-wealth to organizations worldwide. TiE Brussels plays a major role in the Europe's entrepreneurial hub. This European dimension is mirrored by the presence of international organizations, confirming its important position in the world. Therefore being a member of TiE Brussels is being a voice of the European entrepreneurial community.
Board of Directors
Philippe Lachapelle President
Martin Hinoul Past President
Christian Tidona Past President, TIBPC Chair
Michael De Blauwe President Elect
Koen Debackere Sponsorship Chair
Luc Toelen Finance Chair
Philippe Janssens de Varebeke Biotech Chair
Wim De Waele Events Chair
Ines Jurisic Executive Director
Ines JURISIC Executive Director
Christian Tidona Programs Chair
Wim de Waele Event Chair
TiE Brussels
Boulevard Baudouin, 12 Boudewijnlaan
1000 Brussels , Belgium
Phone: +32 2 421 86 68

We are delighted by the response we have received and our membership continues to grow. We are sure you will also find our meetings extremely beneficial. Hope to see you at our networking lounges.
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