The organization structure of TiE Brussels includes an elected board with a president, executive director (ED) and charter members. TiE Brussels is financed by annual membership and event dues, and by the sponsorship of many institutions. TiE President and Board of Directors work on a voluntary basis. Additionally, TiE depends on the active support of many volunteers throughout the year.

Philippe Lachapelle Philippe Lachapelle  - President
Since July 2004, Philippe LACHAPELLE is Director of Business Development, Partnerships and Innovation in the Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) in Belgium. Prior to his actual position, he was in charge of the same department inside the Office for Foreign Investors of Wallonia which merged in 2004 with AWEX. He works directly under the supervision of the Administrator General of the Agency. Read more

Martin Hinoul Martin Hinoul  - Past President
Dr. Hinoul, is a technology entrepreneur, academician and prolific author, and holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven). He has also done postdoctoral research at the Stanford University, at M.I.T., and at other laboratories in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Read more

Christian Tidona Christian Tidona  - Past President, TIBPC Chair
Christian Tidona is a serial biotech entrepreneur and managing director at the BioMed X Innovation Center and BioRN Cluster Management in Heidelberg, Germany, where he is currently managing an 80 million Euro public-private biomedical research and development fund. Read more

Michael De Blauwe Michael De Blauwe  - President Elect
Master degree in business economics. Born in 1972, married, father of 4 children. Prior to moving to KULeuven Research & Development (May 2012), Michael held several leadership and executive positions in multinational companies: Aviapartner (airport ground handling), AMP (Lagardère group, press distribution), Aldi (retail), Huntsman-ICI (petrochemicals). Read more

Koen Debackere Koen Debackere  - Sponsorship Chair
He is professor of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He obtained his Ph.D. in Management with an ICM-fellowship at the University of Gent after stays as an ICM-fellow and an ICRMOT research assistant at MIT Sloan School of Management. Read more

Luc Toelen Luc Toelen  - Finance Chair
(registered auditor IBR, accountant IAB, registered forensic auditor IFA) is founding and managing partner of RSM Belgium – Toelen Cats Dupont Koevoets Group a top ten financial services provider with about 150 professionals enthusiastic in audit and assurance, accounting outsourcing, financial management, VAT, national and international tax including transfer pricing and expatiate services, and advisory services. Read more

Philippe Janssens de Varebeke Philippe Janssens de Varebeke  - Biotech Chair
Dr Janssens de Varebeke is the Life Sciences specialist of foreign investment projects of AWEX since 2006 Dr Philippe Janssens de Varebeke is also Chairman of the Board of Bio-Sourcing and the Chairman of ImmunXperts . Dr Janssens de Varebeke is currently Non Executive Board Director of several life sciences companies such as OncoDNA, Delphi Genetics, TIE Chapter Brussels and Les Editions de l'Octogone too. Read more

Wim De Waele Wim De Waele  - Events Chair
Wim De Waele is Chief Executive Officer of iMinds (, headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. iMinds is the leading interdisciplinary research and venturing organization in the country, working with companies and other partners on the newest technologies in domains such as networking, media, security and healthcare. Read more

Ines Jurisic Ines Jurisic  - Executive Director
Ines Jurisic started her carrier as a Relation Officer in the United Nations. She moved to Canada and to France in order to earn her Master degree in International Economics and Trade in Paris that she did successfully in 2003. The second part of her career was related to the work in the economy and business fields in several European companies as an International Business Manager. Read more